A New Kind of Housecall

You didn’t find us by chance. If you are suffering from pain or illness, anxiety or trauma it can end now. Yes, now. When nothing else seems to work, try to Heal From a Distance with Dr. Heather V. Davis and Rev. Dr. Michael Davis.

Healing from a distance is effective from anywhere and we have worked with people in need all over the world. In this new kind of housecall, we connect to you. And we guarantee the results. Yes, Permanent Healing is your birthright. Please click on the tabs above to learn more about us and our work. Each session is done by both of us, together. We have discovered we are “Twin Flames” and that our union and subsequent marriage have magnified our ability to help others.

What we have been allowed to do is to facilitate your own self-healing through the Holy Spirit. We don’t do this work, He does. We have worked with virtually every ailment, trauma and condition from cancer to post-traumatic stress syndrome to surgeries to anxiety to chronic pain to premenstrual syndrome to fear to sexual abuse to insomnia to headaches to scar tissue to stroke to head injuries to heartbreak to stress to you can name it. One cannot long continue in this work unless it helps, and we have been blessed to be involved in so much success.

You can contact us by email at bodytalkman@fastmail.fm or by phone at 928-254-0775. Payment details can be found at Services. Godspeed.